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Aplication Deadline for ERASMUS IP is 8th March 2013.

An Intensive Programme (IP) is a short programme of study which brings together students and teaching staff from higher education institutions of at least three participating countries. It can last 10 continuous full days to 6 weeks of subject related work.

An IP aims to:

  • -Encourage efficient and multinational teaching of specialist topics which might otherwise not be taught at all, or only in a very restricted number of higher education institutions;
  • - Enable students and teachers to work together in multinational groups and so benefit from special learning and teaching conditions not available in a single institution, and to gain new perspectives on the topic being studied;
  • - Allow members of the teaching staff to exchange views on teaching content and new curricula approaches and to test teaching methods in an international classroom environment.

What are the desirable features of an Intensive Programme?

  • An Intensive Programme can be a one-off activity or repeated over a limited number of years (maximum duration of funding three consecutive years with an annual application round).
  • It may not consist of research activities or conferences, but should provide something new in terms of learning opportunities, skills development, access to information, etc. for the participating teachers and students and promote an element of curricular development.
  • Effort should be made that the workload of participating students is recognised, preferably in terms of ECTS.
  • IPs are expected to use ICT tools and services to support the preparation and follow-up of the IP, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable learning community in the subject area concerned.
  • The ratio of staff to students should guarantee active classroom participation.

What criteria must an Intensive Programme respect?

  • The consortium involves at least 3 participating institutions from 3 different countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. At least one participating institution must be from a Member State of the European Union.
  • The planned location of the Intensive Programme is in a country which is eligible to participate in the Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • The number of eligible students travelling from countries other than the country hosting the Intensive Programme must be minimum 10.
  • The activity plan should include at least 10 continuous working days of subject-related work (virtual cooperation activities like e-learning learning and / weekend / days without subject related work or days with only cultural activities as part of the IP will not be taken into account).
  • The Intensive Programme must take place without interruption and subject-related work days can only be separated by weekends and national public holidays.
  • Proposals for IPs that would be an integral part of an Erasmus Mundus Master Course are not eligible.
  • The proposal or an IP with the same or a very similar partnership and the same or a very similar topic has not yet received funding for 3 consecutive years from any of the National Agencies.
  • The applicant has not applied to more than one National Agency with the same or a very similar topic and the same or a very similar partnership under the LLP General Call for proposals 2011-2013.

IPs can score higher under the award criterion "relevance" if the project indicates a link to one or more of the following aspects

  • presenting a strong multidisciplinary approach, fostering the interaction of students from different academic disciplines;
  • focusing on subject areas which are currently under-represented in Erasmus student mobility at overall European level (the following areas are over-represented: business studies, social sciences, arts, humanities, languages and law);
  • are planned to train students' entrepreneurial competencies in any subject area (most of the possible contents of entrepreneurship courses are relevant for students from all fields of studies, but depending on the specific field of studies, more emphasis is placed on one aspect or another. For instance: Business Studies – business start-up, management of SMEs; Science and Technology – intellectual property, venturing, management techniques, marketing, patenting; Humanities, Arts and Design – self-management, social entrepreneurship, user-driven innovation etc.).

Who can apply?

Higher education institutions

The co-ordinating higher education institution of the Intensive Programme, on behalf of the IP participating institutions (all must hold anErasmus University Charter).

Participating students or teachers should be either

A national of a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme or a national of other countries enrolled in regular courses in institutions of higher education or employed or living in a participating country, under the conditions fixed by each of the participating countries, taking into account the nature of the programme.

How to apply?

  • Applications must be submitted to the national agency of the institution that coordinates the Intensive Programme on behalf of all the partners.
  • An IP with the same or a very similar partnership and the same or a very similar topic may apply to only one national agency under the LLP General Call for Proposals 2011-2013.
  • Selection is carried out by the national agency of the institution that coordinates the IP. If the coordination of an IP (selected under the previous call for proposals) is moving to a different HEI in another country (or in case of Belgium to a different National Agency) the application will be assessed on the same basis as a new application. However, also in this case, the total duration of funding for the same or very similar IP may not exceed 3 years.
  • The selection of Intensive Programme participants (teaching staff and first, second and third cycle students) is carried out by the Intensive Programme consortium.
  • Students and teaching staff with special needs may apply for a specific grant after they have been selected for an IP.


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