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BOVA Secretariat

BOVA Secretariat was established in June 2002 and it serves as an executive body to the BOVA UN primarily aimed to coordinate cooperation activities and generate new initiatives, maintain and develop cooperation with NOVA UN and other relevant organizations. The Secretariat's staff is appointed and governed by the BOVA Rector.


PilvereBOVA Rector

Prof. Dr. oec. Irina Pilvere

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Address: Liela str. 2, Jelgava, Latvia

Tel.: +371 63022584



BOVA SecretaryIlona         

Ilona Puķjāne

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Address: Liela str. 2, Jelgava, Latvia

Tel.: +371 63005684




BOVA coordinators appointed at each member institutions perform a part of BOVA Secretariat tasks in order to implement and ensure proper realization of BOVA activities at respective BOVA member institutions. 

Main tasks and responsibilities of BOVA Secretariat:

-          Execute decisions taken by the Rector Board and the Coordination Committee, provide necessary information to these bodies;
-          In cooperation with the CC, initiate activities necessary to implement BOVA strategy;
-          Assist the BOVA Rector in organizing the Rector Board’s meetings and be a secretary in the meetings;
-          Arrange the meetings of the CC and be a secretary in the meetings;
-          Prepare reports to the RB and the CC;
-          Assist the BOVA Rector to prepare draft budgets for the BOVA UN;
-          Maintain daily contacts with the BOVA coordinators of the member universities and NOVA University Network;
-          Support new and existing academic networks for joint international projects in the field of studies and research;
-          Raise external funds for joint activities;
-          Maintain BOVA UN visibility;
-          Organise BOVA conferences, seminars, meetings;
-          Keep contacts with the relevant organisations.