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NOVA University Network

NOVA University Network - The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network - is a platform for efficient and innovative Nordic cooperation.

NOnovaVA was established in 1995, and is financed on the basis of funds provided by the member institutions in the form of member fee. 

The NOVA member institutions are commissioned in their respective countries to build expertise and provide knowledge to society in the fields of agriculture, animal sciences, forestry, veterinary medicine, food sciences, environmental sciences, aquaculture and related biosciences.

They contribute to developments within sustainable use of natural resources, food production, health and welfare protection of humans and animals, and to enhancing the capacity for use of land, water, plants and animals according to sustainable principles. The main task of NOVA is to initiate, administer and promote cooperation between the member institutions in higher education.


NOVA shall:

  • Enhance the quality and broaden the scope of teaching.
  • Promote greater resource-efficiency and reduce teaching costs
  • Facilitate collaboration in scientific areas where the resources of member institutions are limited.
  • Deal effectively with ongoing expansions within the field of scientific knowledge and the need for further specialisation.
  • Increase the international competitiveness of member institutions.
  • Be a proficient partner for dialogue with relevant sectors.


For more information, please visit NOVA home page :