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For Students

Reasons to take BOVA courses:

BOVA students           

- BOVA UN provides high quality, international level education. Courses are planned, run and taught by a group of leading Baltic teachers and researchers. The teaching is based on the latest scientific results using adequate teaching methods.

- BOVA  course will give you international experience and good networking possibilities with students and teachers in your field. Courses are in general intensive courses and are held in one of the Baltic or Nordic countries. 

- As a BOVA  and a NOVA  student, you do not pay any course fee. 

- BOVA PhD students normally apply for coverage of accommodation and travel from their home university or other sources. 

- BOVA UN Master’s  and Bachalor`s students can apply for coverage of travel and living costs from Nordplus.

- There is a local BOVA coordinator at your institution who can help you with information on BOVA.