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Application Procedure

How to Apply

All BOVA and NOVA students are welcome to participate BOVA UN courses.

Step 1: Choice of course

Please, chose the course, which you would like to participate.

Information and details about the BOVA courses can be found in our section on Courses.

Step 2: Fill in the Registration Form

You need to fill in the BOVA Mobility Registration Form

Step 3: Receive an email

When you will subbmit your BOVA Mobility Registration Form, you will receive an information email about your registration.

Step 4: Your Bova coordinator will contact you

As soon as possible your BOVA  Local Coordinator will contact you and explain the next steps that need to be taken.

Step 5: Fill in the Contract

From your Bova coordinator you will be asked to fill in the BOVA / NOVA / Nordplus Contract

Step 6: Receive the Confirmation

Before your course starts you will receive the Confirmaton from your BOVA coordinator.

Step 7: Enjoy BOVA or NOVA course

When you got your Confirmation, you are ready to participate the chosen course. Before you go back home, please do not forget your signed and stamped Confirmation from hosted BOVA coordinator.

Step 8: Receiving the Nordplus Travel Grant

To receive your Nordplus Travel Grant , you or your BOVA coordinator ( depends from rules at your university) need to send your BOVA/NOVA/Nordplus Contract + signed and stamped Confirmation to Nordplus Coordinator: