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"Bioregions - key to the future" course - register by September 5!

Bioregions - key to the future

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Bachelor and Master level course

21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024


The aim of this course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the main regularities related to the bioregions concept. As specific objectives of this course are to: 1) develop awareness that bioregions can be used as a tool for promoting local communities, and their economic growth, supporting small farmers and producers, and creating opportunities for business development and innovations; 2) identify the main problems and benefits of creating bioregions; 3) analyse existing examples of bioregions in Europe; 4) develop skills for creating proposals and set of actions for development of bioregions in specific Baltic state. 

Learning outcomes:

After completing this course students will know the basic theoretical and political aspects of the development of bioregions, the main problems and benefits of creating bioregions, and examples of bioregions in European countries. 

During discussions, group work, and presentations, the general skills of planning tasks within certain deadlines, taking responsibility, developing communication skills and critical thinking about bioregions and their role in sustainable territory development will be developed. As well as the ability to identify the nature of bioregions as a system and analyze practical examples of existing European bioregions. 

Based on comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge and regularities students will be able to evaluate the possibilities of creating bioregions and to develop conceptual proposals (research papers) for the development of bioregions, to promote the sustainable development of rural areas in the Baltic states. 


Virtual part: 01.10.2024 - 19.10.2024

Physical part in Jelgava, Latvia: 21.10.2024 - 25.10.2024

Course venue: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Course leader:  Vineta Tetere, lecturer, Erasmus+ coordinator,

Minimum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of participants: 20

Course programme

Register here: BOVA registration form by September 5!




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