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BOVA intensive bachelor and master Course ( 19-22 April, 2022)

Number of credits in ECTS: 4 

Outdoor recreation in urban but especially natural green and blue spaces is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People are encouraged to go outdoors and spend time in nature, but in order to balance the impact of visitors on potentially sensitive natural areas appropriate infrastructure is necessary. It is important for landscape architecture students to understand the impact of outdoor recreation on natural landscapes, to be able to see how to plan and design the necessary infrastructure in order to reduce the negative impact of recreation, and to learn how to plan and design territories for recreation.

This course will focus on understanding planning and design in nature territories for local people and tourists of different age groups and with different interests and demands. Students will learn how and to develop designs suitable for natural landscapes, preserving their values and using the potential for outdoor recreation in the best way.

The aim of the study course is to acquire the basic principles of outdoor recreation design in nature territories. The study course will cover: survey and analysis of a chosen territory, zoning planning for activities to match demand with supply, siting and design of new elements such as access roads, parking, facilities and trails. Health and wellbeing promoting aspects will be highlighted. It will provide extended learning in the field and also consolidate aspects learned in other courses within the programme, without being repetitive.

Students will gain:

knowledge: about the specific planning and design principles and application of best practices in the relevant areas;

skills: design a territory according to its functions and specific goals;

competencies: to evaluate which design principles are most suitable for different nature territories.

The course will consist of lectures and project work. It is planned to work in an innovative way, where master students, who have done courses on outdoor recreation planning and design will consolidate their learning by tutoring-teaching junior bachelor students in the same subject.

Course leader: Kristine Vugule, Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies


Distance learning part: 14.02.- 15.04.2022.

Information for registration and scholarship: Consult your local BOVA or NOVA coordinator.

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If you have any questions, please contact BOVA coordinator at LLU:

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