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BOVA Intensive Master Course

Course offers: 4 ECTS

Course description

The aim of the course – to deepen and to expand students’ highly specialised knowledge in the field of sustainable agriculture and to develop students’ competencies required for solution of complex problems of rural development through agricultural multifunctionality.

After the course, students will be able to apply modern theories of economics and management for performing research in rural development; to diagnose scientific and applied problems of agriculture and rural development; to evaluate level of sustainability of agriculture and rural areas; to evaluate the process of rural development and the relevant policy changes; to make decisions related to the development of rural areas based on critical application of modern theories and recent scientific research results.

Pedagogical approach: the course is based on the research and practical cases in the fields of economics, management and administration. The specific literature will be studied using Moodle-based e-learning. The course consists of lectures, case studies, discussions, group work and study tour.

Teaching team: International team of teachers/researchers is from Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ), Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) and Vytautas Magnus university (VMU).

Course leaders: assoc. prof. dr. Anastasija Novikova, assoc. prof. dr. Bernardas Vaznonis, Faculty of  Bioeconomy Development, VMU.s 


Distance learning part: Autumn, 2020 (information will follow)

Meeting in person: Autumn, 2020 (information will follow)


Information for registration and scholarship: Consult your local BOVA or NOVA coordinator. 


Please register online:

Please contact the course leader Anastasija Novikova for more information about course:

If you have any questions, please contact BOVA coordinator at VMU:


Don’t miss registration deadline – information will follow

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